The Kilted Photographer Visits...
Hermitage Castle

So I decided to do one last video in 2019 and wanted to do quite a spectacular castle, so here it is - Hermitage Castle. My usual style video with a walk around of the castle. I also so some photographs of the chapel which overlooks the castle.

Excuse the jumpy footage when on the walk around, I'm still trying to get used to my handheld gimbal. Not my best work but I'm happy with the video overall.

Hermitage Castle is a semi-ruined castle in the border region of Scotland. The castle has a reputation, both from its history and its appearance, as one of the most sinister and atmospheric castles in Scotland. Over the centuries the castle was occupied by both the Scottish & English.

It is thought that the name derives from Old French: l'armitage – guardhouse. The castle was known as the guardhouse of the bloodiest valley in Britain, and the "Strength of Liddesdale".

Hermitage Castle was supposedly built by one Nicholas de Soulis around 1240, in a typical Norman Motte and Bailey pattern. It stayed in his family until approximately 1320 when his descendant, William de Soulis, forfeited it because of suspected witchcraft and the attempted regicide of King Robert I of Scotland. Legend has it that Soulis's tenantry, having suffered unbearable depredations, arrested him, and at the nearby Ninestane Rig (a megalithic circle), had him boiled to death in molten lead. In actuality, he died, a prisoner, in Dumbarton Castle. Hermitage Castle is reputed to be haunted by Redcap Sly, de Soulis's familiar spirit.