Photography Trip & Course to the Isle of Skye, Scotland

So it's been a while since I've wrote anything in this, it's not that I've not been up to much. It's more like I've been doing too much!


Last year I decided to book myself onto a Photography course to try and improve my skills but specifically taking photographs of landscapes. I did some extensive research on what was available but nothing was really drawing me in. One day  I was on the Scotland from the Roadside Facebook Group and I noticed someone uploaded some stunning photographs from the north of Scotland. I clicked onto the page and was blown away by this person's work. His name is Tom and he owns Land of Light Photography. I had a little nosey at his website and noticed he offered one to one photography workshops and tours.


I decided to get in touch and book up! Tom kept in constant contact and gathered information about my knowledge and kit. He asked if there was any particular place I would like to visit, I've always wanted to visit Skye so I thought this would be a great opportunity to go. He pulled together some plans and I choose the option that I felt was most suited to me.


A couple of months passed and the day finally arrived, the weather was looking okay but Tom had been in touch and asked if I wanted to delay the course until later in the week due to more favourable conditions, unfortunately I couldn't so we stuck to the date.


We met up at Portree at about 9:50 and headed off, Tom drove which was a nice touch :-). First stop was Sligachan Bridge & Marsco. We arrived and Tom took me through a few different things such as framing the shot, best aperture setting for sharpness from my lens and of course ND & Grad Filters (key to shooting landscapes!). Here are a couple of my photographs:

We spent about 2 hours at this site,. Next stop, the Fairy Pools!

On the way there we had a short stop to capture old boat near Carbost. I captured this, was quite happy with it :-).

Now onto the Fairy Pools. We arrived at the car park, however we still had about a 30 minute walk to get to the first photograph spot. I think on the way there we experienced all 4 seasons! Wind, Rain, Hail & Sunshine! Once we arrived I got my kit set up and we started to shoot whilst working our way up the various pools and waterfalls. I think we walked up to the point where there were still another two however time was short so we didn't make it. Here are some of my photographs:

Next stop for the sunset photographs, Neist Point! We did however do a quick stop on the way there to take a photo of Carbost and The Cuillin.

We arrived at Neist Point and as Tom said, it was like you were at the end of the world. It was stunning but very windy! The sunset wasn't up to much but I did capture a few nice photographs.

Unfortunately the day was over too soon, I went back to the hotel buzzing and was pleased with how the day went. The following day, it was the journey back down to Falkirk. I stopped at a couple of places on the way down and put my new found knowledge to the test... I honestly think these photographs would have not came out the way they did if it wasn't for the course.

Eilean Donan Castle


I took a load more photographs but to be honest it's probably to much to upload lol. Overall I had a great day with Tom and I felt like I learned a lot and enhanced my skills. A couple of examples: Using Grad & ND Filters, Correct Aperture for maximum sharpness from my lens, point focusing in live view. framing a shot better, shooting landscapes in portrait and lots more!

Here are a few photographs he took of me taking photographs.

Anyways, if you fancy doing something similar then I would highly recommend Tom, check out his Facebook Page and Website!


Cheers for now :-).



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